The Mt. Zion Church on St. Thomas, Caribbean was badly damaged.

As if the Caribbean islands have not endured enough, Hurricane Maria has followed on the heels of the devastation left by Hurricane Irma. Earlier reports from Field Director Ishmael Charles told of untold destruction in his area of superintendency, but he firmly expressed his trust in God.

Today, International World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis received an updated report from Ishmael defining in more detail the needs …

  • None of the 10 churches in Antigua suffered any major destruction.
  • Barbuda was completely destroyed and the government evacuated everyone.
  • Minimal damages to properties in St. Kitts and Nevis.
  • Martin and Anguilla experienced the force of a Category 5; the main Church of God was heavily damaged, and they are awaiting assessment from other pastors; the International airport is closed. Seven churches suffered water damage, and one church in Anguilla, as well.
  • In the British Virgin Islands, it is reported 85 percent of the infrastructure has been destroyed, including banks, schools, churches, businesses and homes. Everyone in every walk of life was affected by the hurricane winds of over 185 mph.
  • The Virgin Gorda Church, a congregation of over 200, is uninhabitable for worship.
  • On Tortola, the West End church was blown to rubble; nothing was left of the building.
  • The main church on the island of St. Thomas was badly damaged.
  • Two of our Haitian churches were completely lost in Turks & Caicos, and the main church in Grand Turks experienced destruction.

Adding to the distress, is the fact that international countries are removing their nationals, and the main tourist and financial industries are moving their business companies to other countries, creating a more severe effect on the islands. Many of our own Church of God members have lost everything.

Not only have the hurricanes been catastrophic, but the emotional aftermath is catastrophic, as well. In the words of Church of God General Overseer Dr. Tim Hill, “With these major weather events, we are facing storm fatigue. However, it is in the midst of the storm that the church is at its best!”

In the wake of the storms, lives and livelihoods are in need of restoration. Please help as God gives you the ability. Click the link below to give online to Caribbean Relief.

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