CBO Baby Mario Angie Altamirano 906_n

Because Baby Mario was conceived from two mutant genes, at his birth his mother chose to wrap him in a garbage bag and toss him into the trash since he had defects. But, someone found him and although he was placed in a public orphanage in Honduras, it was a cold and negligent facility. Mario was hospitalized four times with severe pneumonia.


Career Missionaries Angie (McInvale) Altamirano and her husband, Eduardo, asked to care for Mario for a couple of months while the process of adoption was finalized for another family. However, that adoption was not in Mario’s destiny. The government officials gave special permission for him to be released into the care of the Altamiranos.


Mario was taken immediately to a pediatrician who worked quickly and fervently to save this little baby’s life. God providently allowed the legal papers to be obtained to let Mario leave the country and receive top-notch medical care.


The diagnosis was heart-breaking … Mario had a rare genetic disorder that had no cure. God placed a special love in the Altamirono’s hearts and they adopted Mario. They covered him in prayer and nurtured this gift from God. In April 2015, Mario went into crisis and a few days later peacefully took his last breath. His parents were comforted knowing he would no longer suffer and that his mission on this earth had been fulfilled.


In two very short years, this little baby made an impact on the lives of everyone with whom he came into contact. Mario’s legacy will continue, bringing hope and love to others, and above all, challenging each of us to view life as God would have us to … a miracle can exist anywhere we look!


Christ’s Birthday Offering assisted with funds for Mario’s funeral and burial. The service was a memorial to those whose lives he deeply touched, and a testimony to the provision of the Christ’s Birthday Offering. The $20.15 donation makes impossible situations bearable. To give, use project number 020-0803.