amatrice-italy-town-earthquakeEver-standing ready to assist Church of God brothers and sisters in times of disaster, World Missions Director Dr. David Griffis contacted Dr. Christian Swift, superintendent of the Church of God in Western Europe, regarding the recent earthquake in central Italy.

At this point, the Church of God nearest to the earthquake region is in Rome, and the Italian overseer reports that there are no casualties or damages known at this time.

Dr. Swift, however, states he has received word from the regional overseer of the Church of God in Catalonia, Spain, Bishop Jaume Torrado, who is sending someone to analyze how he and his constituency can lend assistance to the area affected in Italy.

Bishop Torrado’s text read: “Thank you very much, Brother. We are sending one person from our team to see how to help in the emergency in Italy. I’m looking for a contact person there for orientation.”

World Missions leadership will respond quickly to the needs as more information is received. Please keep central Italy in your prayers; 241 deaths have already been reported with more expected. Some individuals were buried alive in their sleep, and emergency workers raced to free them. A farmer from Narni who arrived to help with rescue efforts said they had not stopped digging all day.

The earthquake measured a magnitude of 6.6. Italy sits on two fault lines, making it one of the most seismically active countries in Europe.

Photo copyright Gregorio Borgia—AP