Tom and Margaret Tioaquen are directors of Fresh Hope Refuge Shelter in the Philippines where the children have learned to greatly rely on prayer.

The children in the Philippines are returning to a new school year, excited about new teachers, new classrooms, and being with fellow students. Before the big day arrives, the children pray for their classes in their devotion time.

One of the children shared about his visit with his mother (with whom the school encourages a visit with the family of the children, when possible). The child’s mother usually visits with a young cousin, but this time the cousin was unable to come with her due to a broken arm. The child asked that they pray for the cousin and the mother’s visit.

During the visit, the child asked, “Can I have time alone with my mom?” Of course, that was possible! As his heart’s desire, he and his mom sat alone for a few minutes. Then, he asked her the most important question that can be asked of anyone … “Do you know Jesus?”

A missionary in his classroom, he touched the life of his mother!

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*** Please pray for the southern part of the Philippines where fighting is happening and many Christians are becoming targets. At first, it seemed the conflict would be over before it started, but foreign fighters arrived from across the sea and the enemy fighters grew in strength and resistance.