The day had been a busy one, like most are during the holidays. I finally caught a moment in the evening to watch television. Immediately, a commercial aired that featured a snow scene and an adorable little snowman. That was all, but it somehow sent a feeling of peace to my spirit.

How odd, I thought, that a commercial would cause an emotion of tranquility; especially when the latter part of this year has seen such disaster and devastation, as well as well-known individuals within my church community who have passed away.

Yet, the scene had somehow spoken to me … perhaps it was the fact it was an “un-busy” kind of look—meaning holidays are never un-busy times, and it was refreshing to view it from another angle. Then, there’s the quietness and beauty of freshly fallen snow—a blanket of untouched serenity, calm and untroubled lending to its peacefulness. I thought, too, of the purity of the snow—no blemishes, nothing to distract from its simple elegance.

And the snowman? He unwittingly made me smile. His jovial countenance and a shape that kind of reflects mine of late all made for a happy touch. I felt the warmth of his appearance.

While it doesn’t seem very spiritual for this time of year, it has everything to do with how we relate to God and His world, for it’s a peaceful, happy, and uncomplicated season that reminds us of all Jesus has done for us by being born in a lowly manger. We can never experience a more peaceful experience than knowing He is our Lord and Savior!

Janet Price
Media Team Leader