Adam and Abisag Zygarewicz, career missionaries to Russia, are grateful to God for giving them the strength and health to minister on the mission field. He has protected them during all their travels by air, road, rail, and even on foot, as well as provided their financial needs.

Even though restrictions on church and missionary activity in Russia have closed many opportunities, God continues to open doors for the Zygarewiczes to minister in Bolivia, Argentina, and in Ukraine. Many accepted Christ for the first time in their lives; families were reconciled and personal lives restored; the sick were healed; and leaders were encouraged Adam and Abisag Zygarewcsand challenged to keep on serving God.

In Ukraine, the couple ministered in the war torn Eastern border zone and provided humanitarian relief to assist those displaced by the war, especially the orphans and elderly.

Adam states: “We are very grateful to God for His love and care to us manifested through friends, family, pastors, and churches. Their prayers, expressions of love, care, concern, and financial support are yet another great blessing to us.

“We pray and wish for God to bless you and reward you abundantly in accordance with His promises! And, from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you and your loved ones a joyful and blessed Christmas!”

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