Christ’s Birthday Offering has long been an agent of God’s love to help provide a way when one was needed. The drive, in honor of our Savior, is held during the month of December each year.

World Missions has seen a steady stream of disasters and situations that have increased as the years passed. Not too long ago, immediate funds were sent to the Philippines and Nepal. The Philippines needed assistance after Typhoon Haiyan for food, medicine, and self-support when 4.1 million people were affected. In Nepal, help was necessary for rebuilding after the country was uprooted from flooding and earthquakes.

The nation of Liberia in Africa was overwhelmed with the dreaded disease of Ebola, which lasted for months of intense intervention. Funding and a covering of prayer finally helped bring an end to the nightmare.

In Europe, countless refugees feared for their lives in civil upheaval and wars in their countries and fled to safer places. World Missions was ready to aid in their plight.

As we look back, we realize no location in the world has immunity to crisis. Emotional scars are left in the wake, but the situations are less insurmountable when accompanied by the CBO funds. Crisis is quick and gives no warning; it also plays no favoritism. To act swiftly and deliberately makes a world of difference in the lives of those who are hurting.

Some earlier CBO needs were bringing home missionaries with unexpected medical conditions; assisting a national leader with a life or death surgery; providing emergency transportation; emergency auto repairs; and urgent needs such as feeding children. Expenses range from demanding to urgent, and are varied.

CBO has manned its course well and will not be hindered by severity. World Missions and its donors stand hand-in-hand to meet crises head-on. While catastrophe on-going and intense, by joining together we can reach out to others with a firm grip!

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