Susan Poole and her husband were not expecting to experience missions during their recent cruise to Roatan, Honduras.

The Poole’s activities included snorkeling, and their guides were former students of Glenda Doggett, a short-term Church of God missionary to Honduras. The early missionary work of Frances Arch in Honduras was groundbreaking, and since those days, others like Glenda Doggett have continued her legacy.

The students spoke highly of Glenda, and offered to take the Pooles by the church, school, and medical mission, a completed product of Missionary Paul Dyer. At the time of their visit, Glenda was visiting family in the US. The young men who were the Poole’s guides were working hard to establish a business called Roatan Ocean Adventures, and the education they received from the Church of God and Glenda made this possible. The Pooles were also impressed by the well-mannered and industrious presence of the students.

Even though the Pooles were on vacation, God directed their steps and allowed them to see the investment of the Church of God that is still active on the island. Because they were so impressed by the missions work, the Pooles contributed $1550 to Glenda and her ministry in Roatan, Honduras.

God moves through open hearts to accomplish His will in the ministry of winning souls on foreign soil, no matter where they appear.

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