Marcia Anderson, career missionary teacher to Kenya, has completed 25 years as a missionary. Her missionary service has offered her an incredible opportunity to live and work in Kenya, where in spite of earlier health issues, she forges ahead with the education aspect.

The seasoned missionary likened some of her work as that of “eating an elephant.” The first was her dissertation that she finished in 2006, and her second task is the curriculum submission for the school’s application as a constituent college of the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries (ASCM). Although it was a bit tough in the “chewing” and at times “hard to digest,” the application was submitted. Marcia is earnestly praying for a speedy approval for the school’s request so degrees can be given in January 2017.

Marcia has recently finished teaching “Discovering the Ministry III,” the last part of a three-part course designed to introduce the certificate and diploma theology students to the college and ministry life. The students made some interesting ministry visits to places like the men’s prison (they decided every youth should visit that place), a children’s Rescue Center for street kids, Hope Children’s Home, and Missionaries Neil and Jennifer Lawrence’s Eagle’s Wing Studio. This past school term they learned some new ministry skills like sign language, poetry, rap, dance, and drama. In one drama, they act out the “sinner’s chair,” which showed some hidden talent among the students.

While teaching a class at Victory Centre Church and also one at the school, Marcia is translating the Hebrew text, working her way through preliminary steps of writing the commentary … tedious work that goes “slowly by slowly,” as the Kenyans say.

Marcia’s work is fulfilling and she states: “I pray I can be a blessing in this life to all those I meet and leave a legacy that is pleasing to the One who died for me on Calvary.” No greater aspiration could be realized.

Marcia Ruth Anderson<