Chuck and Sherry Quinley, missionary founders of EMERGE, are finally seeing progress in the construction of their new building in Asia. EMERGE reaches Asian youth by producing Gospel media at their training center called “MediaLight.”

Earlier this month, the foundation was laid. Now, they will push through the intense summer (100-plus degree heat) in a race to be under a roof before the worst of the rainy season hits in July and August.

The most important impact for the harvest is to train and mentor as many young leaders as thoroughly as possible so they will have the heart and skills to reach their generation. To accomplish this goal, they must have a facility adequate for the vision—MediaLight Creativity Center—one of the few places in the world to train media missionaries.

First, 25-ft.-long concrete pilings were driven into the ground beneath all the stress points of the building, strengthening the structure against earthquakes. Then, a 3-ft. pit was dug around each piling. Cement was dumped into each pit, providing a wide footing under each section of the building. Beams were added to connect the individual footings for even more strength. Extra cement was used to create a 600-meter road to the property to make access easier. They can’t let anything slow them down as they race the rains expected.

The point of this is the fact that if a person is going to accept Christ, they will do so by age 25. In reality, 80 percent of all conversions takes place by age 15.

Asia is the least evangelized continent in the world.

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