The Church of God European Theological Seminary in Germany launched a “Give a Window” Campaign several weeks ago—a fund-raising project aimed at replacing the school’s deteriorated windows.

Because the dormitory windows are extremely old, water is seeping into the rooms during winter and the rainy days. Adding to the dilemma of inadequate windows, was the fact that a great amount of money is expended each year on fuel to ensure a comfortable room temperature for the students.

The project is long overdue! After careful consideration, administrators concluded the best long-term solution would be to replace the windows with newer, better ones. Not only would this provide accommodating temperatures in the school, but it also would mean saving a significant amount of fuel usage.

By faith, ETS has initiated its extensive window replacement project. To date, the school has received donations for 24 windows, but to complete the project, more help is needed … 23 windows have yet to be sponsored.

The price of one window is $719.33 US. If you cannot provide a donation to cover the entire cost of the window, any amount is welcome. Step-by-step, each donation will help raise the remaining amount.

The burden is lighter when carried together!

Project number 710-0058-020