14045957_10157283644445405_8070967076193854788_nDon Chavis, associate missionary to Europe, spearheads Europe’s Child Missions, ministering to the children through youth camps and kids’ fests.

Four years ago, Europe’s Child partnered with a local Hungarian pastor and provided a youth camp for poor Roma Gypsy children. The youth camp this year grew to where it was necessary to conduct three youth camps. These camps were held in the villages of Uzska, Aranyospati, and Nojkteloja, Hungary. Over 300 children attended and 72 accepted Christ into their hearts. The next plans are already in the works for the first youth camp to be held in Romania!

Europe’s Child spent nine days in the country of Bulgaria where seven kids’ fests were conducted, along with operating feeding centers and wellness distribution.

The goal is to change a generation, one child at a time.

Don says: “I don’t think there is a closer place to God’s heart than when you are loving the nations. In loving the nations, learn about the peoples of the world; see their pain, poverty, and heartache, as well as their beauty, joy and victories; fall in love with culture and language; long to feed the hungry; and hear the cry of the homeless and the orphaned. But, the pace of opportunities far outweigh the pace of funding. Respond with love and action. Let us not only be people of bold prayers, but also bold action … and hear God’s call to love the nations.”

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