Guayaquil, Ecuador, has a population of over 60 percent that is extremely poor, and many live in a slum built on a polluted marsh. It is ripe for a harvest of souls. Teams led by Dan Thornton train students four days (Monday through Thursday), then send them into the community with evangelistic supplies after praying over each team. The students evangelize until Saturday night, visiting as many places as they are able. On Sunday morning, the teams each show their own churches what they have learned. Pastors oversee all the activities of the teams.

Andrea Montes G. is 14 years old. A conference was held recently in Guayaquil with 930 registrants from 205 churches. The rule is that only youth 15 years old and above should be allowed to attend, as most under that age are not mature enough for the training. Somehow, Andrea managed to enter the conference with four other young people from her church, she assuming leadership.

After the training when Andrea returned to her church, Shalom Adonai, she recruited another five youth to join the four. Those nine youth did nine evangelism outreaches in front of 290 people, where 106 prayed to receive Christ (73 children, 23 youth, and 10 adults). Andrea has the maturity, enthusiasm, and drive; she and her young cohorts caught the vision!

The conference training program also suggests evangelism be conducted next in the houses of their church members. Andrea reported discipleship classes were being held in six members’ homes and also three in their church. Discipleship books are distributed to each new believer the new believers are encouraged to attend at least four weekly classes to grow before joining the church.

Praise God for the evangelism these young people are fulfilling for God’s Kingdom.