Westmore Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee, sponsors a Nepal Evangelism Project, where they visit and train leaders for ministry. Paulette felt the burden to raise funds for the project and asked God to reveal to her what she could do … the result was a year-long commitment to sell a meal-a-month on the first Friday to those interested.

Some of the ideas for the monthly meal were: a picnic lunch; barley soup and cornbread; lasagna; quiche; along with key-lime pie as a dessert. It’s not just the food that was enjoyable, Paulette also gave small mementoes that reflected Nepal with each meal purchased—such as gifts obtained from Nepal when members of their church visited the country and returned with a supply for Paulette. All she asked in return for the meal was a donation to the Nepal outreach.

While cracking dozens of eggs for one of the meals, Paulette thought: “I thank the Lord for the faithful people who worked hard and gave freely to feed all the ministers attending the convention in Nepal last year. I pray God continues to pour out His blessings on each one who faithfully continued to support my project in Nepal by giving monthly. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for their kindness and generosity.”

In another unique aspect, Paulette involved the younger girls of the congregation in helping to prepare the meals on one occasion. For their assistance, Paulette gave each one a small purse from Nepal as a reminder of their participation.

Paulette’s goal was a lofty one; she expected to raise $10,000! At the halfway mark for the year, she’d already received $5,000 for the project. Paulette conducts her fund raiser through contacts and Facebook. December will be the last opportunity.

The desire to follow God’s leading met with success for the Nepal Evangelism Project … Paulette Lewis is an example of a believer!

Nepal Evangelism Project: 499-7047

Paulette Lewis is a member of Westmore Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee, pastored by Kelvin Page.