They are beautiful. Truly beautiful. As I watch them in their angel-like costumes glide across the stage, with giggles and smiles, I hold my breath. —Charity Graff, Director/Gentle Hands, Philippines Gentle Hands Girls

At a recent recital commemorating Jesus’ birth, the young girls of Gentle Hands stood straight and tall, emanating strength, and looked directly into the eyes of the crowd. The music was “Amazing Grace,” which brought tears to Charity’s eyes.

Charity cannot believe how good God is to the precious children of Gentle Hands. Each little girl represented a story of tragedy; a story of brokenness, of pain, of neglect, and a life so unfair.

Yet, each little girl was twirling, dancing, and swaying without a care … they sparkled, they shone … like stars. How fitting to celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus—a baby born under that fine star long ago. He is the star that gives us hope; hope for every person, every situation, every heart!

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