Short-term missions teams and volunteers are a blessing in countless ways to the children of Casa Shalom, and the other Church of God orphanages around the world. The missions teams bring indescribable joy to the children; when the children realize someone from another country has taken his/her time and resources just to visit them, their spirits are lifted and their self-esteem is automatically boosted.

Another way in which visitors from other countries bless the orphans of Casa Shalom is through the donation of their time and talents. From construction to demolition to painting, short-term missions teams provide manual labor that many orphanages have neither man-power nor the financial resources to provide for themselves. Short-term missions teams help keep the orphanage buildings and property maintained and in great condition so the children have a secure and beautiful environment in which to grow.

The most important way in which short-term missions teams impact the orphans of Casa Shalom is by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with them! We have seen dozens of boys and girls at the orphanage saved under the ministry of missions teams from around the world. Numerous others have been filled with the Holy Spirit, discipled, and trained by missions teams who work in partnership with the orphanages’ pastor and leaders.

An important, and sometimes overlooked, aspect of visiting the orphan is the potential for long-term impact that goes far beyond a week or month-long visit. While all missions teams are appreciated, those who make the greatest difference in the lives of the children of Casa Shalom are those who commit long-term. They return year-after-year, developing deep and important relationships with the children of Casa Shalom, truly committing to the James 1:27 mandate for pure and undefiled religion that cares for the orphan. We know that the prayer and financial support of these men and women goes far beyond their visit. During times of trial, we can count on these men and women to intercede for the orphanage and to advocate for the funding and resources needed.

Casa Shalom and other Church of God orphanages in the United States, and all around the world, count on men and women who say “yes!” to God’s call to short-term missions to come alongside those of us in full-time orphan care to provide funding, prayer support, labor, spiritual guidance and mentorship, encouragement and so much more.

Joshua and Jessica Hansen, Casa Shalom Directors

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