A gifted individual, Marcia has literally pulled herself through the ranks of education to become an incredible teacher for others. She presently serves as a teacher at Discipleship College in Eldoret, Kenya, Africa. Marcia’s previous appointments on the mission field include Singapore and the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries in the Philippines.

Her capacity to feel comfortable with all people, Marcia embraces all humanity as made in God’s image. She maintains God did not call her, but He made her a missionary! While serving on the mission field, Marcia continued to expand her own education, proving how important teaching is to her.

As years passed, Marcia often encountered the challenge of seeing God-called men and women who missed out on their opportunities to receive training for a lack of financial resources. She felt led to do something about it, and authored two books: TEA Without Sugar: Chastened for a Destiny (powerful testimonies by Discipleship College graduates) and The Shepherd’s Network (Marcia’s autobiography). The proceeds from these books will provide scholarships for those students who have no other way to obtain a better education for service.

For more information about these books, please watch the video at this link.

Marcia believes in investing in her students, as they will become pastors, teachers, and Christian workers.

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