Many people around the world have experienced a life-changing event. For the people living in Ecuador’s coastal region, this event came in the form of a massive earthquake. The people were devastated.

FACES Ministry Directors Teresa and Dan Susong are seen with Landmark Church of God Missions team members in Equador.

Team members from Landmark Church of God made it their priority to help the Ecuadorian children and families in need … an amazing blessing. They met with huge groups of people, many of whom had endured enormous losses. The team members worked tirelessly, but in the end, it was extremely worth it when 500 children received Christ.

However, just a month after the first earthquake, another devastating tremor hit. The team once again worked to help the children through this crucial time. God’s plan shown through, though, when 100 church members met to pray. The president had banned all mass meetings.

Later, the team met with the Church of God organization FACES. This organization provides continuing help for many children in Ecuador. Although they have been blessed with a wonderful property that does so much for the community, FACES is still in need of other resources.

To give these children a better life, please considering contributing to FACES. Be a Jesus figure in the lives of countless children. So much is left to be done!

Online Giving Link for FACES: Project number 102-4038

*The preceding article was written by Lauren Stout of Tennessee Christian Preparatory School in Cleveland, Tennessee, during the area schools’ “job-shadowing” day. Lauren is pursuing a degree in Journalism.