barclay4Barclay Bishop, lead news anchor and reporter for WJBF News Channel 6 in Augusta, Georgia, recently made her second trip to Church of God Casa Shalom in Guatemala. Barclay did a segment about Casa Shalom on Good Morning Augusta, allowing for another venue to share information about World Missions. She is a member of the Stevens Creek Church of God.

During Labor Day time off, Barclay chose to use the opportunity to make another trip to the orphanage. The six-member team from her church took 17 bags of supplies to the children. A 56-houseparent group holds the orphanage together. Barclay sponsors two little girls from the orphanage who are sisters.

One of the older children teaches the children to make tortillas, which is a staple to the Guatemalan diet. The orphanage has 117 children, one of whom is a 17-year-old boy who has lived there all his life.

The children come to the orphanage as a result of tragedy … abuse, abandonment, loss of parents, and so forth. However, at the home they find God’s love, sustenance, and true joy in their daily lives … giving credence to the saying: “Happiness is based on circumstance—joy is based on truth!

Casa Shalom