CQuinleysEmergeMissions, directed by Chuck and Sherry Quinley, seeks to change the story of others’ lives, especially if they engage them while they are young … when the pages of their stories aren’t yet dry.

One—that’s the number of people necessary to change a life! Through MediaLight, a video ministry of Emerge, 27 nations have received a trained media missionary. When the powerful message of the Gospel is shared and received, supernatural power begins to flow—alcohol, violence, abuse, neglect, illiteracy, mental slavery—all these yield to the presence of Jesus and a new storyline is written.

A young lady who came out of Emerge with new direction summoned her courage one day and walked into one of the roughest barrios in Manila. She met three boys and told them to bring their friends, as she had stories to tell them. A group of 17 kids heard the Gospel for the first time. The young lady continued to return and it’s still happening 12 years later. Developing 100 of the older children into leaders, together they reach 10,000 children each weekend! Thousands of life stories have been rewritten.

Associate Missionaries arrived in Asia and discovered children were being raised inside adult prisons. The couple received approval to establish a girls’ home to remove girls from spending their childhood in prison where they were malnourished, uneducated, and open to abuse by other inmates. Again—life stories were rewritten.

Can you even imagine what it must be like to be a Christian parent with children in places like Ethiopia, trying to raise kids under the frequent experience of Islamic atrocities? But, there is always a Kingdom response, and the Quinleys strive to do just that through helping children develop their faith.

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