After more than two weeks in Puerto Rico, Missionaries Drs. Guillermo and Silvina Gonzalez Barrera are providing medical, psychological, social assistance in deprived areas, and supporting pastoral families throughout the island.

The Barreras have given lectures in several towns, located in several districts of the island: Carolina, Fajardo, Trujillo Alto, Caguas, Rio Piedras, San Juan, Bayamón, El Toa, and Manatí. Towns scheduled in approaching days will be to the west of the island in Aguadilla, La Montana, and Mayaguez. They traveled to the mountains to Cayey and Barraquitas, where there is still no water or electricity. At the end of the visit, the Barreras will travel to the south of the island to the city of Ponce for a couple of days.

While ministering to the stressful, medical, and emotional aspects experienced by the people after Hurricane Maria, the Barreras state it was particularly difficult for those who lost churches and their houses.

A very sad situation happened during the Barreras’ visit—they accompanied leadership who had to tell a pastor’s family of the death of their son … painful news indeed. They comforted the family and also participated in the funeral.

Thank God for missionaries who are willing to assist during the recovery process—a process that will last for many months to come.

Project #065-502