Green EmilyNote: Most people are not aware just how much the internet can assist a ministry even in poorer parts of the world. While recently living in Honduras, I was struck by how many individuals, even the critically poor, had cell phones with data service. People imagine missions as just going around to mud-hut villages and the like, when the truth is there are plenty of people that need reaching in modern, industrial societies with smartphones and internet access¬†¬† —Brian Raff

Missionary Emily Yamazaki serves the Lord as an English teacher and Bible study coordinator in Thailand. She is currently partnered with a group who uses English instruction as a means to spread the Gospel, an effective tool in ministry outside the Anglosphere (those countries united by their use of the English language) and often a means to minister in countries otherwise hostile to the gospel.

In addition, Emily has kicked off a new Skype Bible study, which allows her to spread her influence to areas otherwise inaccessible to her throughout Thailand. Her small group sessions center around teaching people to live wisely in a foolish world. “Praise God for the technology to share the message of salvation and life through Jesus from the other side of the planet!” she exclaimed in a recent newsletter.

Indeed, technology, used with wisdom, is one of the greatest tools for missionary endeavors. It allows missionaries on furlough to remain in contact with their ministries, to show the churches they visit while on fundraising exactly what their ministry has accomplished, and even to Skype or use similar video-chat services to connect donors with the recipients of their donations directly. It allows ministries to flourish in parts of the world they would otherwise wither. Many churches, both in the United States and abroad, webcast their services to allow people the opportunity to hear the Gospel from anywhere they have an internet connection, be it the Australian Outback, the back woods of Tennessee, the small mountain villages of Central America, or the towers of concrete and steel that form the heart of major cities.

Emily Yamazaki