This article is written about a leader’s wife in Bangkok, Thailand, whom God called to do an amazing work among the people … she established a church!

The initial work of the Holy Spirit in bringing about the birth of this church was in the form of God’s Word: “If I must needs glory, I will glory of the things which concern my infirmities.” The pastor felt she would tell of her weaknesses in order for people to know how great is our God. She was born in Hong Kong, and came from a Buddhist family. When in high school, she attended a Billy Graham Crusade and went to the altar, not really knowing who God was. Receiving water baptism in her Christian school, she never went back to church afterward. However, when her parents moved to another country she began attending church.

The pastor in her youth considered herself a dependent person, shy and easy to fluster. Once married, she relied on her husband to make decisions for her; yet, she is a logical and traditional person. She claimed three “nos” in her life—no to the country where she lives; no to marrying a pastor; and no to being a pastor. It would appear God didn’t pay attention to all her “nos.”

She felt years ago God calling her to pioneer a church in Bangkok. The country itself did not have enough pastors. She tried negotiating with God, as few women would pioneer a church from nothing. Then, she had a dream from God … the same dream two times in one week. God spoke the word “regret.” She did not want to have any regret when lying on a deathbed, and she responded to the calling.

Not knowing how to start, she had no resources—not even one chair. One day, in a busy place, she watched as each person passed, and she said to God: “I will do it, but You will have to bring the people.” She began the church in her home with a $125 offering her daughter who was at Lee University sent her. The Greek meaning of “turnaround” is to repent and turn back to God; hence, the name TurnAround was given to the new church. Obviously, God’s anointing, favor, and presence are prevalent.

Church growth is slow in Thailand, as the majority of churches only have about 50 attendees over a long period. TurnAround has an attendance just under 100!

The pastor began to prophesy over the people and signs and wonders started taking place … a girl born deaf was prayed for, yet God told her, “not immediately.” Weeks later, the girl’s aunt came by her office, hugging her, and saying her niece could now hear and had learned to speak! PTL! Another instance a cancerous tumor was healed, and a girl with paralysis and 20 percent brain damage was totally healed one week after prayer.

She states: “Whenever I walk in my own nature, fear overwhelms me, and I remember the scripture that God gave me in Acts 9:8 … ‘And Saul arose from the earth; and when his eyes were opened, he saw no man.’ Paul saw no man; he saw God!”

The pastor sees no man but God—it is her heart.

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