pixlr“Our family is so thankful to God that He allows us to be in this part of the world at this time in salvation history.”

These words come from a missionary serving in the Middle East. For security reasons, World Missions has elected not to reveal any personally identifying information or any specific locations. Rest assured, though, that as always 100 percent of donation money given to their project number reaches them.

This missionary family, who recently returned to the field following the General Assembly, has run into some complications; the Seminary they operate was recently evicted from its property, which means the more than 30 students currently cannot attend classes. They have been given land for a new school, but given the area, construction costs are high.

The key to the success of missions in more developed nations is to train a new generation of leaders and teachers. Unlike in the developing world, it is not the education that is most needed but the furthering of the Word in love. Often, reaching developed nations without a history of Christianity is the most difficult task and though not all of the Middle East is specifically hostile to the Church, or even to missionaries, they have near-universal laws against seeking to convert Muslims.

 Project #065-0069.