As recently as June 2016, World Missions was made aware of the continuing conflict in war-torn Eastern Ukraine. Tom Rosson, regional superintendent/president CIS/ETS-Moscow, reported shelling continued to take place in towns and villages along the front. Mironovskly was littered with destroyed homes and apartment buildings, and the team had to go through multiple checkpoints and defense lines to even get on site. Deadly firefights consistently happened throughout the region.

The conflict escalates. To date, the fighting has taken on a new intensity and six villages/towns are under siege by the pro-Russian separatists. In Avdeyevka, our mission team was pulled out and evacuations of women and children began. The town is without electricity, water and heat, and the outside temperatures are in the single digits. Unfortunately, civilian casualties are a part of this awful situation.

In times of war, people of God show the love of God. If you can assist in the financial cost of evacuations, please use project number 131-8079 (“Home for the Homeless”).

Thank God, growth comes despite the military conflict, as nine new churches have been established!