image012Joe Vibert, education director of Haiti, sends World Missions the latest update on the Séminaire Théologique de L’église de Dieu en Haiti.

While the facilities of the school were not directly affected, 80 of the students were impacted by at least one of the following:

* Family homes damaged or destroyed

* Cattle destroyed

* Plantations destroyed

* Private businesses affected or destroyed

* Relatives disappeared

* Church buildings damaged or destroyed

* Personal items … clothes, important documents damaged or disappeared

Of a more serious concern now is the outbreak of cholera in certain areas. One of the employees of the Seminary lost 12 members of his family in one week. A river exhumed bodies from a cemetery where people who had died of cholera were buried, contaminating an entire village.

The need is overwhelming to bring relief to the people in their present condition, and an even greater challenge is to assist them in beginning again. Recovery will be long-term and extensive. Still reeling from the earthquake several years ago, the present situation in Haiti is incomprehensible. As always, World Missions will do everything it can to send funds and lend itself to prayer for this battered nation.

Project Number 765-0036-040