Rodney and Carol Friend, veteran career missionaries recently appointed to Zambia, are continuing to raise funds, working on obtaining Zambian work visas, getting vaccinations, arranging a shipment to Zambia, considering the purchase of a vehicle there, and waiting on housing availability to finalize in Zambia. Many things need to come together yet, but it is happening by God’s help as they move forward. As any missionary will relate … flexibility and patience are needed in missions work!

In the meantime, itineration is at the forefront, as they travel to various churches to hold missions services and raise funds. The Friends recently met with Africa Field Director Peter Thomas who gave them good news regarding three building projects currently underway at Bethel. The library floor is tiled, and the new dormitories that will house 28 students are progressing well.

Recent happenings include representing World Missions at the Smoky Mountain Jubilee held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where they met many wonderful people who were interested in missions. Rodney also ministered at one of the North Cleveland Church of God’s missions services.

While attending the graduation in Cleveland, Tenn., of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, the Friends were greatly encouraged to see two of their former students from the European Theological Seminary receive higher degrees; Florentin Ghita from Romania (Doctors) and Emina Stevanovic (Masters) from Serbia.

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