A symposium was held at the end of last year in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with the theme “Moving the Caribbean in the Right Direction.” Field Director Bishop Ishmael P. Charles welcomed leaders from churches in all the regions to examine and reflect on matters to ensure charting a future path for the Caribbean.

Caribbean Field Director Ishmael Charles exhorts the multi-language gathering of ministers of this Field Area.


In the opening session, World Missions Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes challenged the delegates with the need to expect, anticipate, and appropriate that which God will do in order to move the Caribbean in the right direction. The closing church service brought an inspiring message by Dr. Raymond Culpepper, First Assistant General Overseer.


Workshops and breakout sessions dealt with issues relating specifically to the various spheres of leadership. The participants were encouraged to take what they had received and return to their field of service for implementation.


The gathering was host to peoples from three major language groups in the region … Hispanic, French, and English … yet all could understand and benefit from the sessions. A growing passion for church growth was generated among the leaders. Strategic plans were established for planting new churches in the coming two years, ensuring they prepare for the next generation. Failure to be relevant will result in stagnation.

The entire delegation from outside Puerto Rico was grateful for the exceptional hospitality given them during the symposium.