tannersOverseer to Scotland Dennis and Vanna Tanner are leading the effort to acquire buildings for Church of God congregations in Glasgow, Scotland.

A former Brethren Church, which will seat 80 to 100 people, along with rooms for Sunday School and offices, has been offered to the Church of God in Scotland. The new building will be used by the Rehoboth Tamil Church of God under the leadership of Bishop Stephen Premkumar. The building selling price is $150,000, and Rehoboth has raised over $25,000. Miraculously, an Assemblies of God church in Glasglow/Springburn has raised $20,000 for them! Continuing in God’s favor, a pastor and his wife are giving the church an interest free loan of $15,000. The Church of God Scotland has promised to provide them with $17,500 to help secure the loan of $75,000.

tanners-scotland-glasgowChurch of God church building and grounds in this nation will provide shelter, security, and will function as a sign to the community of God’s blessings. Most congregations in this country aren’t big enough to pay for buildings and maintain them on their own.

Church of God Scotland urgently needs $7,500 to fulfill their promise! Remembering the words of Mordecai to Esther: “Who knows but that you were brought to the kingdom for a time like this?”

Dennis reflects: “For all the individuals and churches who have supported us and the ministry in Scotland, perhaps this is the time we have been waiting for … who knows but that you have been especially connected to Scotland for such a time as this!

Won’t you help them? Project number 132-9100