Steven and Candace DayDirectors of Heart for Honduras, Steven and Candace Day, have made an impact on Honduras by already planting nine churches! But, another pleasant aspect they are experiencing is learning about the Honduran culture.

When learning a culture, one learns about their celebrations. Since many celebrations are the same in Honduras, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, others are new celebrations and enjoyable to join in the fun.

September 10 celebrates Día del Niño (Day of the Child), a day full of excitement for the children. Heart for Honduras distributed goodie bags containing lots of little toys and candy, and they also broke at least 10 piñatas. The Days assisted with the children’s ministry at their church and traveled in teams to some of the poorer regions to celebrate. Everyone experienced a beautiful time together.

The Day family also celebrated Honduras’ Independence Day on September 15 and the Day of the Bible on September 25. Both of these events involved parades, and although hot, the event provided enjoyment and fun to celebrate these traditions. Even the Day’s son, Colt, participated in the Day of the Bible parade dressed as an angel.

Community evangelization takes on many forms when on the mission field!

Steven and Candace Day