Benny John, overseer of the East Central Region/India, reports the work in his area of administration has spread into 13 states of North India where 22 different languages are spoken. (Northern India is where the largest concentration of Unreached People Groups are located) The majority of the ministries are among the tribes.

Salvations and Water Baptisms

In recent conventions and conferences, 400 people came to the saving knowledge of Christ, and 127 individuals were water-baptized.

Bible Schools

The two Church of God Bible schools functioning in Calcutta (West Bengal) and Renukot (Uttar Pradesh), provide Hindi and English teachers for the classes. Students who graduated from the Bible school earlier are now serving the Lord in different locations of the region. Tailoring schools have been established in various states to give instruction to poor women so they can provide a living for themselves. It is a door of opportunity to share Jesus Christ with those who have not heard His message.

Church Buildings

Very few congregations own church buildings, and meetings are conducted in rented facilities. Multiple issues face these congregations, as permission in conducting meetings at some locations is revoked and when they move to another facility, they are charged a higher amount of rent. A newer congregation has about 45 in attendance each Sunday. The crisis can be reduced to some extent if a village church can be erected at a cost of only $6,000.

Although the constituency in this area have struggles, they persist in their love for God and will not allow the enemy to hinder their devotion to Him.


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