As a young child in church, I remember singing the song:


When we all pull together, together, together,

When we all pull together,

How happy we’ll be.

For your work is my work,

And our work is God’s work;

When we all pull together,

How happy we’ll be!


That’s exactly what partnership is—individuals joined together in a relationship involving close cooperation, having a common goal, and enjoying happiness at doing so.

Christ’s Birthday Offering is our opportunity to partner together for the cause of the FINISH Commitment. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to evangelize and strengthen the body of Christ through assistance in times of crisis. Assistance is done through various means … rebuilding, humanitarian relief, shelter, food, and medicine … all are part of the help provided by World Missions.

In partnering together, we become stronger and are able to accomplish much more. Won’t you be a part of helping World Missions FINISH the Great Commission through Christ’s Birthday Offering? Only $20.16, it’s a small amount in comparison to what it will do when we “pull together!”

Giving Link: Project Number 020-0803