There are many ways a missionary can be effective on the field, and no two ministries are the same. One way to be an agent of the Great Commission is that of planting and supporting churches “on the ground.” Steven and Candace Day serve this role, among others, in the western provinces of Honduras.

The Day family is currently working with the territorial overseer of the province of Lempira to plant nine churches and to aid these churches using outreach teams from their own church in La Entrada. One of these planted churches has grown to 53 members with 8 new converts in just two weeks.

Honduras is a beautiful mountain country in Central America, but those mountains and poor upkeep of infrastructure can make it difficult to get anywhere. It is also a dangerous country, with the highest per-capita murder rate in the world, with most of this violence being in some way related to drug or human trafficking.

Steven and Candace Day