Emily (Green) Yamazaki, missionary in Asia, is taking seminary classes on career development, a counseling course, a marriage and family counseling class, and Theology 1. As part of the marriage and family class, she is being trained to use a premarital and marital enrichment assessment called Prepare/Enrich. Marriage is foundational to families and society as a whole, and Prepare/Enrich helps couples discover their strengths.


The content of her theology class is challenging her to think about what she believes about God and why she believes it. Every believer has a theology, whether he or she realizes it. The class is learning the importance of early church creeds and the hard work the early church fathers did to come to a biblically sound consensus about the most important doctrines of the church.


Emily will be involved in a counseling practicum at the seminary’s community clinic soon. She is excited to begin the work and ministry that she has already spent two years preparing for!


Missionary care is a vital part of missions, yet many missionaries do not receive the emotional and spiritual support they need. Emily wants to use her counseling abilities to minister to other missionaries.


Your partnership as a donor on this journey of preparation for Emily is invaluable and deeply appreciated. She says: “Thank you for believing in me and for standing with me to bring healing and hope to those who have none.”

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