An overseer, in an Asian country that adheres to communist control and restricting of religious activity, is serving in an apostolic position for the Kingdom of God. Against all odds and circumstances, he boldly leads an underground church movement that is impacting the entire nation.

His personal testimony is amazing in itself. Due to the witnessing of US soldiers, his father became a Christian. When US troops pulled out of the country, his father and many family members lost their lives for their professing their Christian faith.

For some time, the overseer has witnessed and preached about Christ, at a great cost to him and his family. He was imprisoned for a couple of years, and was placed on a heightened watch list by the government. Initially, the government confiscated his passport restricting his traveling.

Because he felt God instructed him not to register his churches with the government, he and his leaders are continually watched and persecuted. Yet, he recently was granted a passport. The overseer and his churches have to meet secretly.

For a few years, a monthly three-day prayer and fasting conference is held and more than 200 attend! New Testament in essence, the apostolic power is evident as they gather and disperse. Signs and wonders are the gateway for the message of the Gospel as they preach throughout the nation.

Praise God for those who pursue sharing the message of Christ!