soamercallDirector of South American Call, Joe Mercer, relates his recent trip to the Amazon was the most difficult to put together because of the opposition and complexity. Multiple problems began with the sinking of a large speedboat. The cost to restore was approximately $5,000. Much of the equipment was lost; repairs had to be made; and a great deal of time had to be expended in the restoration.

Praise be to God, as each problem arose, God was there with the answer. In addition, many problems not associated with the boat happened. Through the help of God, South American Call just completed the greatest congresso (campmeeting) they have done to date. First on the agenda of the campmeeting was to feed the attendees.

soamercall2During the first week of the trip, focus was on children’s ministry. 105 children came to God … a great and tangible change was evident in these children. Initially, the children were aggressive and unruly. The children were taught the message of Jesus and His love for them. In spite of the fact that some of the children only spoke Shipibo and did not understand Spanish, the Holy Spirit drew them to the altar where, with tear-stained faces, they received Jesus! The next day when the children arrived for ministry, a change had taken place—they were eager to learn more about Jesus. The children learned the nine parts of the spiritual fruit listed in Galatians 5. After reciting the Lord’s Prayer, a guide to help them learn how to pray was distributed.

soamercall3The team saw a complete turnaround in these children. God is stirring their hearts, changing their lives, and teaching them through His Holy Word. What a difference Jesus made in their lives!