I have good news about our soup kitchens in the area of Chimbote. Although I was disappointed when we had to close the Santa soup kitchen, it seems God had His hand on it. We now have a new soup kitchen located in a more needy area called the Valley of God. It is a horrible place for kids to live. There are no public schools. In the midst of this, God directed us to open a place where 30 of these kids can get a hot meal and learn about Jesus. I am excited about going there in November to meet these new children. They are already starting a kids’ club. It will be yet another branch of Trees Beside the River. I will be furnishing new shirts, buttons, prizes, etc., in the coming weeks.

I give God praise for sparing the life of Laly, one of our national coworkers. Before she went on the February trip, the doctor told her he was sure she had cancer. She never told us, and did her work with a smile on her face, never once complaining. Laly was in pain, but I did not know it. After I returned to the States, I learned she was having surgery. I knew then there was a chance of cancer. When the report came back, there was no cancer! The doctor did not understand, but Laly did. She said many prayers went up for her and she believes God healed her. Laly is free of pain and ready to do the work set before us. To God be the glory, the honor, and the praise!

South American Call is a ministry led by Joe Mercer in Peru and adjoining countries.