Tammy Owens, her husband, and son make a trip one time per year to the feeding centers sponsored by South American Call in Chimbote, Peru. This past trip provided the children with school supplies, new clothes, undergarments, and shoes. They also received gift bags full of soap, shampoo, combs, Beanie Babies, candy, and other items. A donor, Rose Haskell, made each child a hand-sewn pillowcase which featured in embroidery the words “Jesus loves you” on one side and “Jesus tea ma” on the other. The kids were thrilled with their pillows and pillowcases!


The children at the New Camp Soup Kitchen were in for a great surprise. They received new bicycles! No words can explain their excitement … they would never dream they could receive such presents as bicycles.


Eleven-year-old Carmela McDaniels raised $2,500 to purchase new Bibles for the children, and each one had the child’s name engraved on it. When asked what the children’s favorite gift was, the children immediately responded with “my Bible!” A Bible is a precious possession to children who don’t have them.


Gian Carlos, who normally does jungle trips, went and led praise and worship at each of the soup kitchens nightly. Children as young as 6-7 years of age wept and cried out to God. The altars filled with children and adults who were hungry for more of God. The children were in awe of God’s presence.

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