In a closed country in Southeast Asia, a missionary has launched a “sidewalk ministry,” where they teach groups of up to 70 kids a week about the Gospel.

The missionary has ties to Chuck and Sherry Quinley’s “Emerge” ministry, which focuses on rescuing children from child labor and sexual exploitation throughout the Southeast Asia region, and this sidewalk ministry is an extension of that goal.

Teaching the faith in a closed country is not without its risks, though the worst that has happened thus far is the missionary being told he cannot teach in a particular spot. The favor of God surely reigns here as in this and neighboring countries teaching openly about Christ carried far harsher penalties just a few years ago … including, in some cases, death!

Teaching children at a young age about Christ is the most effective way to reach them and their families, as statistically few people stray from the religious instruction of their youth. If these countries are ever to be truly changed and opened to the Gospel, it will be by reaching the youth, those who will be the next generation of lawmakers.