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In 2015, a project was introduced entitled “NexGen16” (project #1029220) with a goal to raise funds for the youth ministry and the Church of God Scotland youth camps.

Andrew Akilan was appointed in November 2015 at the annual ministers meeting and assumed office this past May 2016 as national youth director. Already he has scheduled the 2nd COG Scotland Youth Camp 2016.

Andrew, his wife, Shamini, and daughter, Aksha, came from the Rehoboth Living Church in Glasgow where Andrew served as an elder, church leader, teacher, worship leader, and youth leader. He also is currently enrolled in European Theological Seminary extension classes.

Another project was initiated to help COG congregations in Scotland acquire their own buildings. “Scotland Firewall” (project #1329100) will help establish a firm foothold in Scotland through encouraging ownership of church buildings. This is accomplished by providing funds to help with a portion of the down payment on a building and refurbishing purchased buildings. The Tanners believe this will help halt the advancing liberal secularism and radical teaching of Islam that is invading the United Kingdom and Europe.

The first beneficiary of this project is the Lighthouse Church Centre. Through a miracle, this small chapel was donated to the Church of God Scotland. Work has begun on the building, which eventually will house administrative offices, chaplaincy, youth department, a drop-in center, weekly Bible study and other ministries.