img_5711 A team of 13 individuals from Tri-County Worship Center in Seneca, South Carolina, pastored by Tracy Hamilton, spent seven days recently with Carl and Anna Nobles, helping with a project that has been a vision of Pastor Carl for some time. Carl and Anna are the missionaries on assignment to the American Indians, a ministry few would be willing to undertake. While both have Master’s degrees and could make an upscale living, they have chosen to fulfill God’s call, with few resources and far from their families. The native American Indians are their family now.

The Nobles cook and feed lunch to the people of their church every Sunday. Carl’s concept was to have a greenhouse to help supply some of the foods needed to feed the people. His desire was to also use it as a teaching tool … to teach the Indians how to plant, grow, and harvest the food, and in turn for them to grow some of the food items at their homes, as well.

img_5849While the team was not able to complete the project, they will be returning with a team to complete the greenhouse and have it ready for next spring and summer. Numerous other projects were accomplished while they were there, such as cleaning, installing a door, painting, cutting down trees, and cleaning up the lot. A special treat was a church sign, bearing the name of the church in the Lakota language, that was made by a team member—the congregation is extremely proud of it.

The team hosted a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for children on the reservation, and 40 to 45 children attended every day, arriving at the church an hour early. Even more exciting is the fact that most of the children did not attend church, but are likely to return.

Pastor Tracy Hamilton has this to say: “I am thankful the Church of God has missionaries such as the Nobles who are willing to sacrifice much for the Kingdom of God.”