IMG_0503Neil and Jennifer Lawrence met at Florida State University and married just before graduation. Only nine months after joining the Church of God, Neil began his studies at the Church of God Theological Seminary, where he earned a Masters of Divinity in 1991.

Neil and Jennifer, a former World Missions employee, felt the call to be missionaries. In October 1993, they were appointed as missionaries to Kenya. They feel Kenya is their home and plan to minister there for many more years. Their son, Joshua, was adopted as an infant in 2003.

Neil’s primary ministry is to teach at Discipleship College, a 17-acre campus located in Eldoret, Kenya. Though most are Kenyan, ministers from other African countries where the Church of God is located are attending (Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana). The opportunity to spend quality time helping form the students’ “theological/ministry world-view” is Neil’s greatest joy and the focus of his calling.

Recently, however, Neil lost the majority of his sight in both eyes due to an illness, and although not totally blinded, he meets the legal definition for blindness at “more than 80 percent impaired.” The lasting damage to his optic nerves is well beyond medical science’s ability to cure and it presents a serious challenge. The Lawrence family continues to hope and pray for miraculous healing, but is determined to stay on the field, spreading the Gospel and equipping others to do the same.