map_of_uganda-copyHarold Daugherty, World Missions evangelist, reports on the recent activities of his ministry in Uganda, Africa.

He and his team began working in the Kampala area and progressed upward on the western side of the nation. They found people hungry for hope—hope that the Gospel brings them. Finishing the tour in 30 days, the team ministered in more than 12 different locations.

Seminars were conducted, as well as open-air crusades. Twenty-four fishing villages are located in the Lake Edwards vicinity, but Harold and his team were able to only visit two villages. Overall, several thousand people received Christ!

Harold is deeply grateful when he expresses thanks to Fred, the team leader, Emmanuel, the praise and worship leader, Richard, singer and sound tech; to all pastors who worked to make this Uganda Harvest possible; and to all the churches and everyone who prayed for this effort. Special thanks too for all the offerings and donations … without those, Uganda Harvest could not go.

Project number 650-0444