Rosson2The Ukrainian Church of God has been training individuals to go to 18 newly created pioneer works along the war front in Eastern Ukraine. In these pioneer works, food and clothing are distributed, in addition to sharing the Gospel.

In connection with the commissioning service, the Good News COG in Slavyansk also conducted a water baptism service in which 34 people publicly affirmed their faith in Christ. An additional nine people gave their hearts to the Lord at the end of the service.

RossonShelling continues to take place in these towns and villages along the front. Regional Superintendent/President CIS/ETS Moscow Tom Rosson traveled to one of these villages with the national education director to the mission center in Mironovskly, a town littered with destroyed homes and apartment buildings. They had to pass through four military checkpoints and the defense lines of the Ukrainian army to get to this town. Every bridge they crossed was damaged.

After surveying a building they hope to use in the future as a church, they conducted a street service (evangelism) and subsequently distributed 300 loaves of bread.