According to UNHCR, approximately 500,000 refugees from Southern Uganda and South Sudan have fled to Northern Uganda because of rebel fighting and severe drought.

The Church of God National Overseer of Southern Sudan, John Komi and his family had to flee to Northern Uganda due to shootings by rebels at the Missions Compound in Yei.

He and his wife, Edina have established 11 congregations in the camps since their arrival. Edina has physically moved into one of the tents to be close to our people. She evangelizes, preaches, teaches and comforts the hurting. John is physically restrained because of severe recurring bouts of malaria, yet he visits the congregations as much as he can.

We also have an American Missionary, Pat Tully, who had been ministering in the difficult area of Sudan, and had to leave for safety reasons, relocating in Northern Uganda to work among the refugees there residing in a village near the camps. She works in close partnership with John Komi and his wife Edina.

COG superintendent for Eastern Africa, Joseph Kagarama, who resides in Uganda, reports over ten million people are starving due to climate changes, which has also added to the dilemma of the scarcity of food, as they cannot harvest any crops. Uganda’s economy relies on agriculture. The government has tried to intervene by distributing food, but with such an astronomical demand, it is not enough. Many households cannot even afford a single meal a day … pregnant women eat ants or termites to survive. The arrival of refugees from Southern Sudan has only escalated the crisis in Northern Uganda.

Field Director Peter Thomas further says: “We have started a Hunger Relief Program into these areas; however, the needs of the people are overwhelming. “ Church of God World Missions has already sent a substantial amount of money from Disaster Relief funds on more than one occasion to assist in hunger relief, but assistance is still needed here.

The situation is difficult to grasp if you are someone with plenty of food, shelter, and peace. Your prayers and support are needed in this time when natural disaster and violence have formed an unholy alliance.

Your prayer and financial support will sustain and provide hope for the refugees and people in Northern Uganda.

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