nasa_logo-svgWorld Missions donor Wayne Perel has been a faithful financial contributor for many years and lives in Florida.

Wayne is 77 years old and was employed with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) before his retirement. Along with his global influence by contributions to World Missions, he is impacting lives in another form. He prays from the time he awakens until 4 pm each day, as from 4 to 7 pm he goes to the beach to witness. Last year alone, he witnessed 27 conversions and also 17 were baptized in water. Earlier when Wayne would go to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, to visit his parents before they passed away, he would go door-to-door witnessing. Wayne attends three churches … one Caucasian and the other two are Hispanic. He does not speak Spanish but Wayne enjoys their worship—the passion, power, and prayer the congregations exhibit. In one of the Hispanic churches, a man personally translates for Wayne.

As is the case with many who begin to age, Wayne is dealing with some health issues: if he sleeps one hour, he’ll awaken dizzy. He wants to be able to sleep at night. Doctors do not know what is causing the problem. God is his hope.

Wayne desires to keep the witnessing effort ongoing—globally and in the community, even though his energy is waning. Life is becoming more difficult for Wayne—regardless, he will continue to regularly send his financial support. Wayne says: “All I do is to the glory of God!” And God will take care of the rest!