“We were in Croatia meeting with the local pastors that will host the upcoming concerts of the Metro Big Band. As we sat down to lunch with one of the pastors and his wife, the question was asked: ‘What is your ministry?’

The answer went something like this: ‘Even though we have a multifaceted ministry, one of our favorite things to do is sit down for lunch with a pastor and his wife, just like we are doing today, and listen to them tell us about their ministry, their family, their victories and their struggles.’ Big smiles broke upon their faces. Rose assured them that we wanted to be an encouragement to them.

I then told them about a weekend of some years ago when an elderly couple from Huntsville, Alabama, called Mom and Pop, who made a trip to Europe and obtained a list of some missionaries to visit. Somehow, we were included on their list. Mom and Pop treated us to a meal at a restaurant and we accommodated them in our home. Their visit came at a most crucial time. It was as if they were a lifeline sent to rescue us!

“How do we express this ministry? Maybe we are called to ‘encourage the encouragers!’ This week in Croatia was very special and included more meetings than usual … a couple in Bicske, Hungary; two couples in Vukovar, Croatia; a couple in Vinkovci, Croatia; a couple in Slavonski Brod, Croatia; a family in Kiskoros, Hungary; a couple in Budapest, Hungary; and a pastor in Budapest, Hungary.

We want to be a lifeline to them, just as someone was to us.”

—Dan and Rose Smith

Missionary Parachurch Groups:Hungary and Albania

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