Thanksgiving this year I will be celebrating a first for me.

At birth, I was considered legally blind in one eye, making my other eye the sole source of vision. I did not have 20/20 vision unless I wore glasses, which I wore from the time I was 5 years old. For years, I maintained use of that only one good eye.

In recent years, a hereditary condition called map-dot dystrophy, a cornea problem, manifested itself and every two to three weeks I would go to the ophthalmologist for what is called an “eye bandage lens” change, using a special contact. I had been told for some time that I also had a slow-growing cataract. Recently, I was confronted with the decision to have cataract surgery on my one good eye.

To say I was apprehensive was putting it mildly. I was anxious and unnerved by the whole situation. I knew I had to proceed with the eye surgery, as my vision was becoming dangerously impaired. The evening before my surgery was scheduled, a pastoral staff member of my church called and had prayer with me over the phone … I’ll never forget his words: “Father, let the first hands that touch her be Yours!” A peace settled over me and the fear left. The surgery went well and in the weeks that followed my vision was comparable to seeing in HD! I was overwhelmed, literally, by what had taken place with my vision.

The eye surgeon had placed a distance lens in my eye, which gives me 20/20 vision in distance. Of course, for up close, I use “readers.” I have never had 20/20 vision without glasses!!! A whole new world opened to me and it felt surreal. Old habits are difficult to break, and I would often reach toward my eyes to adjust glasses that weren’t there. At first, people would not recognize me and I had to remind myself at times that others’ reactions were because I no longer looked like I used to when I wore glasses. Amusingly, I was able to see things I’d never noticed before … like how my house was really not as clean as I’d thought.

In relating my story, I cannot help but get teary-eyed when I realize what God has done through the hands of a skilled surgeon. Why He chose to do it at this time in my life is something only He knows, but I am more grateful to Him than I can ever express. Thanksgiving, and every other day, will never be the same.

The map-dot condition is still there, but hasn’t proved to be any problem at this point. However, I KNOW that if God can do what He’s already done in my good eye, He CAN do another healing on it, as well … maybe even totally restore the legally blind eye in His healing process.

John 9:25 … “One thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.”

janet-price_2553Janet Price is the Media Team Leader for Church of God World Missions