scub-pic-5Henrique (Henry) Rosa of Montes Claros, Goias, Brazil, has an amazing testimony of God’s delivering power! Henry was a professional scuba diver that searched for diamonds, gold, crystal, and other valuable gems that were buried 4-5 meters deep in the mud in the rivers between São Paulo and Rio Grande in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Before his conversion, Henry was riding his motorcycle to work and had an accident. He awakened that night in the hospital without any recollection of what had happened to him. The doctor told Henry that the combination of alcohol that was in his system, along with the improper scuba diving equipment (that he had been using), had caused a devastating effect on his mind.

After Henry was released from the hospital, he went home (which was a local hotel). He was well enough to continue to scuba dive for two more days, but as he was making his way to a local bank, Henry stopped the motorcycle and completely forgot he was going to the bank. He walked back to his hotel, gave his documents and his wallet to the owner, and told the owner to go and retrieve the motorcycle. He still does not remember this.

For 15 days Henry walked the streets, living like a homeless man. His family was notified he had returned to the hotel and then disappeared. During those 15 days, Henry had hallucinations of someone holding his hand and leading him throughout the city and finally taking him to a bridge, telling him he needed to jump. The water below was shallow, filthy, cold, and full of jagged rocks, but to Henry’s eyes it was a beautiful, clean, and inviting river. The voice of the stranger holding his hand said: “You need to dive in head first and bathe.” The evil voice also said: “I will jump with you.” Henry replied: “I want to bathe in my own shower.” Inside Henry’s head, he remembered the name of Jesus, but he couldn’t verbalize it. Henry noticed his legs felt paralyzed. He wanted to run away, but couldn’t. The name of Jesus became stronger and stronger in his mind until he finally cried out loud: “JESUS”!! Just as suddenly as Henry uttered the name of Jesus, the hand of the stranger let go! Henry had a vision of a pair of bullet-ridden black pants that he was wearing which represented all the things he needed to rectify, like his alcoholism, smoking, his marriage, and gambling habit.

Henry then could move his legs and began to walk toward the hotel. When he arrived, his family came and took him to a mental institution. Since it was around the Christmas season, the doctor let Henry go home to visit with his family. Henry never went back to the hospital.

Today, Reverend Henry Rosa is the pastor of a local church in Montes Claros, Goias, Brazil. His church is growing; his wife is a school principal in town, and both are well-respected leaders in their community.

The devil is a liar who wants to kill, steal, and destroy, but God delivers from it all! I Peter 5:8 says: “Be alert and of a sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” We need to keep our eyes on Jesus, because He will rescue us!

(Henrique Rodrigues Rosa, Al Adao Galiza Pires, S/N, Qd 27 A lt 19–Setor Central, Montes Claros–GO, 76255-000, Email:

Glen and Susie Anniskette, Missionary Evangelists