For the Zygarewiczes, beginning missions service in Bolivia and then changing to Russia is quite a cultural stretch. Extreme weather conditions were also a drastic change, as temperatures in Russia are frequently below zero … like -30! The Zygarewiczes currently serve as associate missionaries.

Ministry in Bolivia

Adam Zygarewicz was born in Paraguay of Slavic heritage. He graduated from Bible school in 1962, and he and his wife, Abisag, organized several new churches. For 15 years, the Zygarewiczes served as overseer of Bolivia. Their plate was full: planted new churches, developed a curriculum for the Bible school, pastored a couple of churches, and were heavily involved in leadership training, humanitarian work, orphanages, and social work.

Russia and USA Ministry

Planting a church in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1994, Adam’s influence through humanitarian efforts at a local crisis center produced converts for the Kingdom of God, as the leaders of the center joined the Church of God. Returning to the States in 1981, they planted a church in the San Francisco Bay area. Adam was director of the Regional Bible School for the Hispanic Churches of God in San Francisco, where he developed new course work and revised the curriculum implementing missionary work in the United States and Mexico. Additionally, he frequently served as an evangelist and translator for crusades in the U.S., Latin America, Ukraine, and Russia for many years.

Returning to Minister

While Abisag has suffered health issues in previous years, she is recovering well from a recent surgery. Adam and his son, Marc, are soon making a trip to Bolivia … the place Adam’s ministry began over 50 years ago. Future plans are to visit Russia later in the year—Russian pastors and churches continue to face daily restrictions and persecutions, much like it was during the Soviet era.

Adam states: “For over 30 years I prayed for the Soviet Union, the land of my parents, and asked God to open the doors to the Gospel. I am glad God gave me the opportunity to go and preach the Word in the needful country of Russia. Our vision was to plant as many churches as possible, and train Russian leaders!”

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